Meet Emily Julia Kresky, Dropping Julia’s singer, songwriter and rhythm guitarist. Emily leads the performances with honesty, vibrancy, and charm. Her magical power is the ability to dream up songs finished with alluring lyrics, dynamic transitions, catchy melodies and impassioned vocals. A frontwoman with class, sass and authenticity, (and flashing her 90’s sparkly Danelectro), Emily’s spirit on stage is infectious and inspiring.


Meet Niko Cvetanovich aka Cap’N’Funk, Dropping Julia’s bassist. Niko provides tasty melodic bass lines while holding down 1/2 of the powerfully dynamic rhythm section. His innovative and musical mind creatively adds twists and turns to all the songs. Niko’s magical power is the ability to funk up any genre or song that is thrown his way. You won’t catch this bass player looking bored on stage!


Meet Sean Bracken aka The Kraken, Dropping Julia’s drummer. Sean is the heartbeat and the backbeat of the band and 1/2 of the powerfully dynamic rhythm section. He drives the tunes both tastefully and energetically. He writes compelling and engaging parts and transitions for all the songs. Sean’s magical power is the ability to blend genres you wouldn’t think to blend from the kit. Cool and collected, Sean leads the grooves with style from start to finish.


Meet Alex Bragg aka Bralex, Dropping Julia’s part-time lead guitarist. Alex serenades both the audience and the band itself with his groovy and mellifluous riffs. Alex’s magical power is the ability to both soothe and amp up the audience at the same time with his tasteful and lively playing. With his backup vocals and lush guitar playing, Alex is a versatile, creative and prolific component of DJ.


Meet Jonathan Lingerfelt, Dropping Julia’s part-time fiddler. Jon seemlessly blends sharp, staccato riffs with nifty and flirtatious leads, composing compelling parts on the fly. Jon’s magical power is the ability time travel with his fiddle playing, producing hints of vintage classical melodies, delicious 60’s Motown arrangements, 90’s R&B and hip-hop lines, and more. Jon’s fiddle playing adds dynamic and energetic layers to DJ’s sound.